Attraction of Gilgit Baltistan

There’s so much to do in Gilgit Baltistan. No matter what time of year you visit, you will find there is never enough time to enjoy all the fun. Spring bursts forth with tree blossom, making it one of the best time to visit beautiful valleys, hill stations and lakes. In summer, you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, swimming or climbing. Autumn brings the falling of leaves from trees and the white of the birches in contrast with evergreen conifers. In winter you can enjoy snow activities like snowboarding or skiing . For every season in Gilgit Baltistan, there is plenty to see, lots to do, and everything to enjoy!

K2 Base camp

K2 is the second highest peak in the world and a paradise for climbers and trekkers. Located in the Karakoram range, it is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan.

Fairy Meadows

Located at the base of peak Nanda Parbat, Fairy meadows present an awe-inspiring view that has been a tourist attraction since long. The plateau is at the height of 3300 m, with Nanga Parbat in the background, the scene is worth the 4 hours hike, from Tatoo village onwards.

Satpara Lake

A very beautiful lake, about 9 Km north of Skardu, is a delight to the eyes. The lake is accessible via jeep, at 20 minutes’ drive from Skardu. It is situated at an altitude of 8645 feet and is very popular tourist destination in the region.

Shangrila Resort

Shangrila Resort, located in Skardu, is a serence place that personifies beauty and is a heaven on earth for tourists. The resort is at a drive of 25 minutes from Skardu.

Baltit Fort

A historical building, more than 700 years old that is located in Hunza. The fort has a story of its own that grasps the attention of many visitors.

Deosai National Park Skardu

Explore the untouched nature with a hike through Deosai National Park–at 4,114 m (13,497 ft) above sea level, the world’s second-highest plain. The snow cover that lasts much of the year makes access rather difficult, but in spring and summer it comes alive with an endless sea of alpine flowers. 

Chaqchan Mosque Khaplu

The Masjid Chqchan means the Miraculous mosque in Khaplu, Baltistan built by Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani or by Shah Syed Muhammad Nurbakhsh Qahistani Sufi in 1370(A.D) is one of the oldest mosque in Baltistan and Pakistan.

Naltar Valley

Naltar is dense pine forest valley with magnificent landscapes, green vegetation, wildlife, flowers, snow-covered mountains, lakes, streams and echoing with the chirping of numerous birds.

Skardu Valley

Skardu is surrounded by dry rugged, snow-capped mountains and sand dunes. The place is famous for trekking and adventure spots. The nearby Satpara Lake and Shangrila resort are attraction spots for tourists.

Kargah Valley

Kargah is at distance of 10 km from the Gilgit city, a rock wall carved Buddha dating back to 8th century AD. A river flows between mountains offer stunning views, if you like fishing then it is the right place, as there are loads of trout in the river.

Duikar Valley

If you are looking for the best place to view sunset and sunrise, Duikar village provides the best views anywhere in Pakistan. 

Passu Valley

Passu lies between Batura & Passu Glaciers. The famous natural beauty of Passu is Tupopdan Peak, also known as “Passu Cones”, having picturesque shape is one of the most photographed peaks in the region.

Khalti Valley

Khalti Lake is an artificial lake was formed due to stretch of river near the village of Khalti. The dark blue waters of lake during summer look very charming. 

Phandar Valley

A twisting road passing through lush green fields & forests with a view of flowing river and icy peaks will lead you to this Phandar valley. 

Rama Valley

Rama is thickly forested valley with huge pine, cedar, fir and juniper trees. The lake is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Gilgit Balistan.

Top Lakes of Pakistan :

ansoo lake

mahodand lake

satpara lake

attabad lake

Said Pur Village Islamabad

Pakistan is one of the top destinations in the world to explore. It is known as the “Land of Peaks” and the epic scrivener of the Northern Pakistan are totally phenomenal. Here are top places from the list of the most beautiful and historical places in Pakistan.

Said Pur Village

Saidpur village is a Mughal era village and located near to the Margalla Hills road and the east of Daman e Koh in Islamabad.

The Village has the footprints of various civilizations, including Gandhara, Greek, Buddist, Mughel, Ashoka and the colonial periods, and now serving as a poplar recreational spot for both local and Foreign Visitors and Tourists.

Saidpur named derived from sultan said khan, Son of sultan Sarang khan. Said khan gifted saidpur village to his daughter who was married to Mughal emperor Jahangir son of Mughal Emperor AKBAR. During the Mughal Period Saidpur Village was considered a garden resort and a perpetual spring provided water for drinking and for watering.


During the Mughal era, Sultan Sarang Khan was the chief of Pothohar region, who named the village after his son, Sultan Said Khan. Later, the village was gifted to daughter of Said Khan who was married to to Mughal emperor Jahangir, at that time, the village has also been used as a garden resort. After that, A Hindu commander Raja Man Singh, constructed a number of ponds, now the village is also home to many Hindu temples that have been preserved.


Des Pardes Restaurant

They will do justice to their name and your expectations. The place has a great ambiance and provides great food and service. Make sure to give them a visit when you’re in Saidpur the next time. They serve the best Pakistani, BBQ, Asian, Middle Eastern, Halal, Vegetarian Friendly food at very responsible and good prices.

Dera Pakhtoon

This restaurant is a meat lover’s heaven. They offer a unique blend of Mughlai Cuisine with fine dining services; this is being done for the first time in Pakistan.
So if you’re interested in trying out the authentic recipes from centuries ago, Dera Pakhtoon is the place to go. They serve the most delicious lamb chops and tikka and their platters having whole lamb ribs, quails, Palau and Peshawar kebab will make your mouth water.

Andaaz Restaurant

Andaaz restaurant is very “artistically furnished” and the ambiance is very good too. They Also serve Pakistani, Asian, Middle Eastern, Balti, BBQ, Eastern European, Halal, vegetarian and non Vegetarian Friendly food at god prices and great services.

Like Siad pur village here are a lot of places to visit in islamabad fot visitorls who loves traveling.

Top Historical Places in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country which is absolutely a gem for the tourists. The main reason is that it has got flavor for all types of tourists and beautiful locations, mountains, landscapes, large cities and the historic places can be witnessed here. The historical places in Pakistan dominate the entire arena because of its rich history and one of the oldest civilizations of this world had lived where Pakistan stands today.

Top historic places in Pakistan:

The below mentioned is a well-crafted list of the top mighty historic places in Pakistan country:


Mohenjo-Daro is probably the most attractive historic lace in the country which is famous all through the world. It is part of the Larkana District of the province of Sindh and it is just at the right bank of the mighty River Indus. The archeological ruins of the place take us back into the history till 3000BC. So, this makes it a 5000 years old city which is the oldest civilization known to man after the Chinese. It was also the urbanized and the largest civilization in South Asia. They were first discovered in the year 1922 but, it was the year 1965 when significant excavations were completed. Now, people come from all over the places to witness this historic site.

Lahore Fort and the Shalamar Gardens

These places in Lahore tell about the charismatic approach of the Mughal dynasty when it comes to making some really attention-grabbing beautiful constructions. They both are distinct places and the royal complexes of the unforgettable Mughal era. The Fort is very prominently located in the northwest part of the Lahore city which has been renovated several times all through its history. The Shalamar Gardens on the other side is the Royal Mughal Gardens with beautiful lawns, fountains and beautiful constructions. It was built by Shah Jahan in the year 1642. During the visit lahore you should visit these places.


Makli is actually a necropolis in the famous and the historic city of Thatta. The history of Makli dates back to the 14th century. People flock here from different parts of the country and even from outside Pakistan for witnessing the amazing mausoleums and the monuments in the country. The best thing about the place is that it is built with the use of some really top quality stone, glazed tiles and the bricks which represents the actual Sindh civilization of the time.


The literal meaning of Takht-i-Bahi is the ‘spring throne’ which refers to the monastic complex of the Buddhists dating back to the 1st century BC. It is situated right up a 152 m hill and the place is about 16 km from Mardan city and some 80 odd km from the Peshawar city. It has four major parts which are its Stupas courts, monastic complex, tantric complex and a temple complex.


Taxila is a great archeological site which is very much approachable and nearby the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. The history of this city takes us back to the Gandhara period and now it holds the ruins of that civilization. It used to be a very critical place in the history for the Hindus and the Buddhists. Further, it still is a great place for the visitors and also sacred for the people who follows Hinduism or Buddhism traditions.


The literal meaning of Minar-e-Pakistan is the ‘Tower of Pakistan’. It is situated right at the heart of Lahore city and it took about 8 years to complete in the year 1968. The history of this place is that the famous Lahore resolution in the year 1940 was passed at this location by the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam. It has huge gardens all around it and has become one of the finest and the top historical places in Pakistan.

Rohtas Fort

This fort was actually built as a garrison by the then ruler of the area, Sher Shah Suri. It is located near Jhelum, Punjab at a distance of just about 15 km. This fort is loved by all because of its exceptional architecture and apart from this it also beautifully reflects the Islamic architecture of military. It was built with the help of architectural intelligence of the designers from the Indian subcontinent and Turkey. It has a very strategic location on top of hill which gave the then army good chance to protect themselves against the Ghakkars.

Badshahi Mosque

The Great Badshahi Mosque is one of the oldest mosques of the region which was built in the Mughal Era by the Great Emperor Aurangzeb. It was constructed in the year 1671 and today it is the second largest mosque in the country after Shah Faisal Mosque. It can accommodate as much as 100,000 worshippers at a time when all its halls and courtyards are occupied. It was till 1986, that this historic mosque was known as the largest mosque in the pakistan. But, with Shah Faisal Masjid and several other mosques in the entire world were constructed which were bigger than this one. But, that doesn’t take away any credit from this mosque as it is still one of the most frequently visited historic places in Pakistan.

Islamia College

Islamia College is located in the historic city of Peshawar and it was established by Nawab Abdul Qayyum and George Kepel. It has great historic relevance as the idea here was to develop not only an educational building but also to give a platform for boosting the much needed political activities of the time. It is still in Peshawar and serving students with all the modern knowledge of the time. During the independence movement for Pakistan, Jinnah thrice visited this college to encourage the youth.

Baltit Fort

After residing in Altit Fort for many years, the Mirs of Hunza relocated to the newer Baltit Fort around 700 years ago. Over the centuries, this structure underwent countless restoration initiatives. It was completely renovated in the 16th century when the local prince married a Balti princess – whose dowry included contracting the services of craftsmen for the renovation of the building. This is the remarkable place to visit in Hunza.

Once inside the fort’s premises, you can see an ancient cannon on display, as well as several other artifacts. Other interesting features displayed include the intricately carved bay windows and surprisingly modern stained-glass windows.

The second highest plateau of the world – Deosai Plains

The colorful land of Pakistan is full of wonders. This land is proud of its worldwide significance for countless blissful features. Pakistan may not be geographically as great as some of the neighboring countries in terms of area but it holds an ultimate importance for its versatile territories and lovely weather. It is not wrong to say that green flag of our country represents the greenery that prevails the north. The whole northern region is blessed with marvelous destinations which attract people from all around the world to explore them and cherish the best of their moments. Among these lush green lands lies the second highest plateau of the world. Deosai Plains are located between Skardu, Astore and Kharmang in Gilgit Baltistan. The charming plains have been given the status of a national park to attract and promote tourism in the area.

The Deosai National Park expands over a great area of 3,000 square kilometers. It is located at an average elevation of 13,500 ft. from the seal level. Deosai Plains are referred as ‘Summer’s Place’ because the whole area can only be accessed in summers. The reason behind it is the high altitude of the plateau that makes it quite cold in winters and the whole area is covered in snow. The spring season brings a lot of colors to the green plains. Flowers of different colors and kinds glow beautifully through grasslands to enhance the natural charm of the land. The colorful petals of these flowers attract a lot of butterflies as well. Standing upon lush green land of the national park, one can view a very clear and closer view of dense clouds shadowing the ground at a height of few hundred feet.

Traveling Routes

Deosai National Park is one of the major attractions for the tourists visiting north of Pakistan. In the past few years, thousands of local tourists visited this pleasant tourist destination. Apart from the local visitors, tourists from different parts of the world have also developed interest to visit this territory. Being the second highest plateau worldwide, Deosai holds a significant status in the global community. Deosai is an easy access from the city of Skardu in Gilgit Baltistan. It is located at a distance of about 30 km from Skardu via Sadpara. Tourists usually choose this route since it is the shortest of all the accessible routes. Deosai can also be accessed through Galtari Kharmang District and Astore valley. The passage from Skardu city to Sadpara and onwards is quite fascinating. The tourists can enjoy beautiful water streams flowing down the mountains. Furthermore, Sadpara Lake also flows aside the route which is simply adorable to look at.

Animal Species of Deosai

Deosai National Park is home to some rare species of animals. These species include red fox, gray wolf, snow leopard, Himalayan ibex, golden marmot and Ladakh urial. The national park was basically established back in 1993 to ensure the survival of Himalayan brown bear and to protect it. The habitat of Himalayan brown bear was endangered and their number dropped down to only 19 back in 1993. However, with the development of the park and protection of the habitat, the number of Himalayan brown bear has increased to be around 50. But, the habitat is still under threat.

Bird Species of Deosai

Apart from animal species, Deosai National Park is also a home to numerous local and migrated birds. The birds include griffon vulture, laggar falcon, golden eagle, lammergeier, peregrine falcon, sparrowhawk, snowcock and kestrel. These species of birds and animals attract a great deal of tourism to the region and the government is working to develop the area in order to promote tourism culture.

Lakes and Water Streams

Deosai is also blessed with breath taking streams and one major lake. The lake is known as Sheosar Lake which depicts the best picture of nature in one place. Sheosar Lake is a fresh water lake made up from the snow melted in the Deosai Plains. One of the important aspects of this crystal water lake is that it is cupped into the plain land and there is no inward or outward stream. The beautiful sight around the lake seems just like heaven since the fresh blue water and lush green plains enhance the charm of the landscape. If the tourists visit the lake in the early summers, they can find a lovely view of snowcapped mountains in the backdrop.

Apart from Sheosar Lake, Deosai is also delighted with some fascinating water streams. Bara Pani is a large water stream that initiates its flow from the top of snowcapped mountains of Deosai. The large stream flows towards the lower areas of the plain from Deosia Top. The area around Bara Pani is used for camping purposes by the visiting tourists. Since, Deosai is located at a great elevation from the sea level; the whole area is windy and relatively cooler in the night. However, camping around Bara Pani is considered as the best option as it is comparatively warmer even in the night. Tourists often tend to stay a night in the camps here before leaving for Sheosar Lake. In between Sheosar Lake and Bara Pani comes Kala Pani. This stream is a relatively smaller stream than Bara Pani and is located closer to Sheosar Lake. This stream is named after the color ‘Black’ because the water flowing through it looks black through a certain distance. The water of Kala Pani is cold as ice and it is crystal clear also.

Traveling Route and Jeep rides

The track from Skardu city to Deosai and Astore is travelled through jeeps. This is because the track to reach Deosai is all wrapped around mountains and it is narrow. It is suitable for a jeep ride due to rough and unfinished surface. The journey is a bit tiring but tourists tend to enjoy the most it looking at lovely streams of water flowing down from snowcapped mountains. It is advised that the tourists or visiting groups should plan their tours in the first half of the day. It is not convenient as well as safe to travel to or from Deosai in the night because the whole route is not carved properly and it becomes fairly difficult for drivers to have a clear visibility of the road. However, if the tourists plan to stay a night or more on the camping sites of Deosai Plains, they can travel in the second half of the day since it will be a single-sided travel.

Colorful Flowers of Deosai

The lush green land of Deosai Plains is filled with numerous flowers. Deosai region is the greatest land for Alpine flowers in the Karakoram and west Himalayan mountain ranges. Tourists can enjoy the infinite carpet of widespread flowers in the green grassland. One can have the most refreshing experience of his life by spending even a few hours on this plateau. The colorful flowers impart a beautiful ambiance of numerous colors all glowing together in the huge field. Flowers of colors including purple, yellow, red, blue and pink can be found all around the place. The mesmerizing fragrance is quite addictive and it blows a sensational wind. The area around Sheosar Lake is one of the most pleasant patches of the whole land of Deosai. A cold wind blows constantly around the lake that makes visitors to sit for hours and take pleasure.

Perfect land for Fishing

Deosai is nonetheless a heaven for those who love fishing. The water streams of deosai are full of opportunities to make as much use of fishing as wished. The streams of Deosai are the home for trout fish. There are plenty of chances for tourists to do fishing at streams and springs of Deosai Plains. Not only that, Sheosar Lake is all blessed with trout. A lot of tourists do fishing at the lake every year to make their tour much more pleasurable. In Sheosar Lake, tourists can find great opportunities to look for bigger trout fishes.  However, if the tourists plan to enjoy a wonderful fishing experience, they are highly advised to take a fishing rod along.

Deosai Plains are one of the marvelous wonders of the world which is blessed to be a part of our Pakistan. It is clearly a beautiful image of heaven that is full of colorful fresh flowers and breathtaking plain grasslands. Although, there are a few measures that the local government needs to take in account in order to ensure a safe tourism culture in the region, but the land of Deosai certainly holds the crown of northern Pakistan. Fresh water, magnificent landscape, dense clouds and remarkable animal as well as bird species make up this plateau as a land of wonders.

If you are yearning for the best tour of your life, you do not have to look very far because Pakistan has a lot to show you. Plan your next summer trip to Deosai Plains and experience every bit of what we explained to you yourself. Take your families, friends and loved ones to this wonderful land and make it the best of your tourism experience.

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6 Things All Bus Travelers Must Know

Okay, this is no secret that travelling on the bus will definitely top the list of uncomfortable kind of road travel and we have listed down a 6 key things to make your travel slightly less agonizing. 

  1. Choose Your Seat Wisely 

It sounds like a great idea to sit by the window, gazing out at the beautiful scenery and enjoying the ride, only it is sure to get real uncomfortable pretty soon in the journey. If you choose the seat by the aisle, you will get plenty of chances to save your legs from getting numb. 

       2.  Limit Your Fluid Intake 

Hydration is important for long road trips but when you’re travelling in a bus, be aware of the fact that the bus will only take scheduled stops and you can’t load up on juices and water.

        3. Pack a Snack

Even though most bus services come equipped with food and make stops at restaurants and shops, it’s always better to pack little snacks like peanuts, protein bars etc to save money when you get random hunger pangs out of boredom!

         4. Pack A Neck Cushion / Eye Mask

  A neck cushion will be your best friend on the trip, much better than the flimsy, little pillows that are provided to you on the journey. It’s not allowed to switch off all the lights in the bus and an eye mask is the other friend you need, to block out everybody and dream about your next adventure!

        5. Keep Yourself Entertained

How many of you have fallen victim to over friendly and over talkative passengers? Its great if you’re a chatter and don’t mind making conversations and take this as an experience. If not, do yourself a favour and pack your headphones, a book, and update your music library!

         6. Get Fresh Air

When your bus makes a stop, make sure you get off it and take in some fresh air! Believe you me, your mind needs it, your back needs it and your legs sure as hell need it! Happy travelling!

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Pakistan is a beautiful adventurous land with rich historical heritage, different culture, the hospitality of the people and the incomparable natural beauty fascinate thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. Explore Pakistan was created with an aim and idea to explore the natural beauty and promote tourism in Pakistan as well as spread knowledge related to tourism opportunities in Pakistan to the people from both inside and outside the country.

Explore Pakistan encourage people to come and visit our spectacular country where people meat with the mountains. We highly assure you to the most fabulous visit in your life. We are working so hard to design and operate your visit with comfort and ease.

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Neelum Valley



Islamabad is the best unmatched, green and beautiful Capital of Pakistan. It is no wonder that the second best stain rule is the rule of all this kind of circumstance that is generated in such a large scale. Islamabad is not just the beautiful cities of Pakistan but it is the most appealing of the urban areas of the world.

Islamabad is home to lots of interested wood populations and parks around cities Its astonishment and peace and prosperity are found in this city. It seems to be on the legal system and progress. Islam is known as the plaintiff of the mountains. Islamabad is the mountain which is possible for its existence.

Pakistan’s air condition is especially a lot of fun in Pakistan, especially in the winter of me. And in Islamabad, there is a lot of violence in Islamabad for praising the reality of nature. There is a character in a rousing place in Islamabad which is coming home in during the winter season. The Inquiry is that in Islamabad, especially when you are surrounded by a house, this is the best place to go to Islamabad on the right place in Islamabad.



Shah Faisal Masjid is the largest mosque in Pakistan, of which it was built in 1986. This is a beautiful mosque in Pakistan’s beautiful mosques whose appearance is similar to Arabic tent. It is a lot of traffic space in the current situation and it has been said that if everything goes to Islamabad, then you should meet the Shah Faisal Mosque. People come here not just from Pakistan but all over the world to see Faisal Mosque.


Pakistan Monument in Pakistan is tweeted as the national memorial of Pakistan. Benazir,who was to sacrifice his life for Pakistan’s independence, was presented in Pakistan Monument. It represents the History, Culture, and Civilization of Pakistan. This museum has been saddened that these people should present the tribute of those who have sacrificed all the life for a separate country. Pakistan’s government publicized certain melodies in making this museum. This is a great spot for Pakistani Lovers.


Margalla Hills is the piece of Himalaya Mountains. This is a very beautiful place where many people come from and around the world Because the mountains of the mountains are very noticeable and very spectacular. You can run or walk in the area, which is just a beautiful places to visit in Islamabad, in view of the most beautiful light of the mountains; This is a great spot for people.


A beautiful place on the Margalla Hills of called Daman-e- Koh. It’s pretty much beautiful and there are too many plants. Daman-e- Koh place is located in the mountains from where Islamabad looks at the beauty of the city. Daman-e- Koh place is a fantastic place for visit to Islamabad. You can find many monkeys who roam there, do not stay with them because they capture the crime procession at any time Or you can trouble with something.


Shakar Parian, because of a strange house in Islamabad, the visitor is drawn in the wire. The weather condition here is close to zero. Shakar Parian is a place from which the best sight of the Rawal Lake is visible for the eyes; the hopes are expected. Rawal lake water is a precious stone. Shakar Parian is a great and most attractive spot in Islamabad.


On this occasion, you need happy work with the family. It is a house to visit the Rawal Lake. It is a demand that it should be near and close to the lake so that you can talk to take peddle utensils or acid teases. Rawal Lake great spot for a picnic and caring for animals and traveling place with Your Friends or family. Excellent time to go here an hour before night where you can admire the way of the carpenter’s weight and after that, it is advisable to catch it.


Islamabad Club is a folk club where it will be a participating government, including work secretaries and first-class people of Islamabad. Swimming pool tennis courts library in this club, and in particular, is more and more full.


In addition to a farmer and hair, modest engineering in the city of Islamabad In addition to the Centaurus Mall is one of the finest examples. It is a famous shopping mall and a famous opportunity for guests to have a famous purpose and holiday light. In Centaurus Mall the world best brands and also Pakistani brands available.


Islamabad Zoo is a wonderful place for every person. Zoo was made in 1978. Especially youth are in love with the love of Islamabad zoo. There are  600 different types of creatures are being kept in Islamabad Zoo. A large number of visitors come every year to Islamabad Zoo.


During the visit to Daman-e-Koh you can visit the Monal Restaurant. On this occasion; you will find things to eat in the Monal restaurant. Where you can distinguish the reality of this, you can praise Pakistani dishes such as studies. Monal Restaurants and cooks number one in Islamabad. Apart from foods, Monal Restaurant is very charming and very surprised.


It is essential that the visit of Islamabad for the purpose of empowerment, which is a Jasmine Garden, which is 20 to 360 sq. On which 250 kinds And there are 12 kinds of jasmine roses. This is a beautiful house for guests and local peoples. Seasonal spring and autumn are so charming to watch that weather here


I want to tell about the Sunday Bazaar of Islamabad which is very attractive and prices are as much as sugar. This is a great market to shopping to your friends and  your family well.

Islamabad is a very beautiful city that looks at honey heart discussion and eats food and is very interested in giving back to Pakistan’s brokers.

Pakistan is a beautiful country in the world and every year millions of tourist visit Pakistan.